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Royal Commission CEO Philip Reed said the report, prepared by the Parenting Research Centre, assesses the implementation of 288 recommendations from 67 inquiries.

It also highlights factors that contributed to, or were barriers to, successful implementation based on consultation with public servants and other key stakeholders. “The report found that the 64% of recommendations were implemented either partially (16%) or in full (48%). 

Twenty-one percent were rated as not implemented. “It found that establishing processes and structures that support implementation, strong leadership and stakeholder engagement contributed to the successful implementation of recommendations. 

“On the other hand, it found that resource and structural constraints and organisational culture were major factors that prevented the implementation of recommendations. 

“The report reinforces the importance of meaningful consultation with stakeholders to ensure that recommendations are implemented effectively.  “The Royal Commission has held a number of roundtables and private meetings with key groups and government jurisdictions to ensure that their views and expertise are captured. We are also learning from survivors directly through private sessions and from survivor advocacy groups through our public and private consultations,” Mr Reed said.

To read the report, please click here